Next thing you’ll be telling me Theo that 2YA has had both its mast and its 
power cut by 50 percent or so. (G) I confess to being old enough to miss 2XM 
Gisborne’s mighty 100 watts also… And just about all ANZ stations closed down 
by midnight to let the DXers play for goodness sake!! Here I sit, near Toronto, 
listening to 2YC Wellington on the computer….although the confused announcer 
seems to think it is Concert Radio or something, and I bet she (she!) has 
forgotten its antenna is a cable strung from the top of 2YA’s mast! And viewed 
from the North side of Titahi Bay digs two years ago I could not for the life 
of me find the Radio NZ towers on the golf course, even with excellent 
binoculars. (G)

Tony Ward (VE3NO/ZK2TW)
Enhancing Universal Entropy since 1942...

> On Apr 10, 2018, at 21:23, Theo <> wrote:
> Tony:
> You're showing your vintage by referring to "The National Programme". That's 
> so "1964", when it wuz launched.  Are you the letter-writer to the newspaper 
> in Wellington who listens still to 2YA?!
> It's long since morphed to the current "R-N-Z National"... not even Radio New 
> Zealand National... let alone National Radio, either.  <g>
> Kia ora.. . or kia orana as a nod to Gary on Aitutaki.
> Theo
> On 10/04/2018 3:34 PM, TONY WARD wrote:
>> Norfolk Island on 1566 carries the National Programme overnight. I managed 
>> it from my brother’s cottage on Waiheke Is. (Auckland harbour) while there 
>> 2 years ago
> __
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