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These logs are excerpts from my daily all-band reports, mainly SWBC, also 
VHF/UHF, sometimes utility, ham, which may be found in several archives without 
much delay, such as 

And compiled weekly along with extensive news from many other individuals and 
publications in DX LISTENING DIGEST:

All my MW DX reports starting August 2011 are archived in this forum with open 
[over 307,000 views! as of August 11, 2018]
All times and dates strictly UT. Rx: mostly DX-398 with internal antenna only 
or PL-880; NRD-545 with ALA-330S inside E-W or inside randomwire N-S; Nissan 
stock caradio as specified; ICR-75  E-W longwire.
** MEXICO. 650, Aug 8 at 1118, Radio 65 promo that it`s also ``en el cien --- 
100.5 FM``. XETNT Los Mochis, still holding onto AM, and we hope for good, as 
Mexican AMers are dropping like flies, so we need to keep reconfirming the ones 
that remain.

810, Aug 8 at 1110, dominant signal from south, ID between songs as ``Radio 
Rey, la más [poderosa?], seis, nueve minutos``. Should not be claiming 
powerfulness, as IRCA Mex Log had it as only 1000/100 watts, XERI, Reynosa, 
Tamaulipas, and so does WRTH 2018. By now probably on hefty day power. On 
DX-398 vs heavy local storm noise. Our sunrise 1144 UT (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, 

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