The whole project started with this AFP paper:

First Max developed this just to support the statistics in the paper but then he and Lars made it part of the AFP. There is also a hidden part that generates tex files for these and a number of further statistics that I use for talks.

Concerning growth of articles. I am not sure we want to provide more finegrained statistics for every entry, but attached you find a summary slide. I cannot remember precisely what is measured, but at a first approximation it tells us that over time every second line of an AFP entry is modified.


On 28/09/2017 14:02, Makarius wrote:
The AFP statistics is very nice
-- I often show the last diagram in presentations, as a proof of success
of Isabelle as application platform over the years.

Who is actually responsible for this tool?

Is there a chance to take into account how AFP entries evolve over time?
Right now, it only shows the year of first appearance with the *current*
size. Thus incrementally added sources (or whole sessions) are
attributed to the wrong year.

A prominent example is JinjaThreads, but newer entries like
Ordinary_Differential_Equations have grown significantly, too.

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