We can be very proud of these figures. I have occasionally compared the source 
releases of Certain Other Systems over time, and noticed that proofs are still 
write-only: new proofs are added, but existing proofs are almost never changed.


> On 28 Sep 2017, at 13:20, Tobias Nipkow <nip...@in.tum.de> wrote:
> The whole project started with this AFP paper:
> http://www21.in.tum.de/~nipkow/pubs/cicm15.html 
> <http://www21.in.tum.de/~nipkow/pubs/cicm15.html>
> First Max developed this just to support the statistics in the paper but then 
> he and Lars made it part of the AFP. There is also a hidden part that 
> generates tex files for these and a number of further statistics that I use 
> for talks.
> Concerning growth of articles. I am not sure we want to provide more 
> finegrained statistics for every entry, but attached you find a summary 
> slide. I cannot remember precisely what is measured, but at a first 
> approximation it tells us that over time every second line of an AFP entry is 
> modified.
> Tobias

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