It did not work in jEdit. I must have overlooked that file the first time.


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Verbose mode ("-v") can sometimes help, because you at least see what Isabelle 
is doing.

Another thing you can do is add "-o timeout=600" to your invocation of isabelle 
build. Then the build will be stopped after 600 seconds and the log file might 
help you identify what theory is causing the problem.

However, I am still a bit puzzled by the fact that, according to what you said, 
everything seems to run through in Isabelle/jEdit. That's not impossible, but 
it is somewhat unusual.


On 10/03/18 12:46, wrote:
> I managed to identify this problem. It was one file that did not finish. I 
> made a new session and added the Library files little by little until I found 
> the once causing problems.
> When you build a session, is it possible to find out what file(s) cause 
> problems? If I would know that a certain file takes a certain amount of time, 
> and it does not finish, then I could pin point the problem.
> Viorel

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