Some notions defined in "Frag.thy" already exist in "Poly_Mapping.thy":
"support" is called "keys" there, and I think "frag_cmul" could easily
be defined in terms of "map".

"frag_extend" looks like a special case of a more general subsitution
homomorphism "subst" of type "('a => 'b => 'c) => ('a =>_0 'b) => 'c",
defined as "subst f x = (\Sum i\in keys x. f i (lookup x i))", which
could indeed be added to "Poly_Mapping.thy". The insertion morphism in
"MPoly_Type.thy" could then perhaps be defined in terms of "subst" (at
least partially; for power-products, the above sum would have to be
replaced by a product).

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On 9/23/18 20:59, Lawrence Paulson wrote:
> Attached is a port of the HOL Light “frag” library (free Abelian groups) 
> built upon Poly_Mapping. It’s a mess, especially with the combination of frag 
> and Poly_Mapping names. Some of it clearly could be added to Poly_Mapping, 
> maybe all of it. But it needs to be rationalised. 
> Comments / advice?
> Larry
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