Thanks for your feedback!

I did what Lars suggested (96a43caa).

Luckily, a diff with a8faf6f15 revealed quite obviously what went wrong during the merges, so I could easily redo Angeliki's tagging (689997a8).

We should be back to normal (regarding isabelle build -a).

On 1/17/2019 3:54 PM, Makarius wrote:
On 17/01/2019 21:42, Lars Hupel wrote:
Strip the accidental changes from the repository?

Never strip public changesets.

Indeed. "Fixing" a desaster by non-monotonic operations is a desaster

Back out the changes?

You can't really back out merges, as far as I know.

Or do a no-op merge from a successor of the last working version?

This is also not possible, I think.

Do this instead:

$ hg revert -a -r 56acd449da41
$ hg commit -m "revert to 56acd449da41"

This looks fine and obvious.

The problem behind this: Angeliki got administrative push-access to the
Isabelle repository, without anybody at Cambridge showing her how to use it.

There is of course README_REPOSITORY, but the text is long. Here is the
ultra-short version:

   After every local commit, use "hg view" (or equivalent) to ensure that
the change is really what you want to make eternal when pushed to public.


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