News release from the North London Central Mosque Trust

(Reg. Charity No. 299 884)

Date:      5 February 2005



Notes to the Editor:



[The added new trustees are: Abdel Shaheed El-Ashaal (Chairman); Mohammed Kozbar (Secretary); Ahmed Sheikh-Mohammed (Treasurer); Dr. Hafez Al-Karmi; and Mohammad Kathem Sawalha.]


New Era for North London Central Mosque


The North London Central Mosque, also known as the Finsbury Park Mosque, would like to announce that we will come under new management as from Saturday 5 February 2005. 


A total of five new trustees have been selected, who will take over the management and operations of the mosque.  The transfer has been authorised by and agreed with the Charity Commission and the existing trustees. 


We have consulted with a number of stakeholders and the decision was made that the mosque will be run under a new management. 


This is being done in the best interests of the mosque, the Muslim and the wider community and to ensure that the mosque, a place of worship, serves the spiritual needs of the community in the best possible way. 


The new management will be based at the mosque as from Saturday 5 February and will be announcing their plans for the future shortly.  Given the past history linked to the mosque, we appeal to the Muslim and wider community to support the efforts of the new management and our endeavours for a positive, peaceful and engaging centre of worship.




For further information:


Press Liaison Officer:  Mr Ihtisham Hibatullah 07786257120


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