Learn to speak Arabic in Two Months, InshaAllah.

Arabic Intensive Course (40 Hours, Fees Rs. 10000/=)

To learn  Quranic & Modern Written and Spoken Arabic Language simultaneously

Very beneficial for refreshers as well.

Choose an appropriate program for you

     ·        Two days per week (will be completing in approx. 02 months):      
   Tuesdays & Thursdays  6:30 - 9:30 PM

      Join on:

      Tuesday, 22nd July 08

 (Please bring USB drive for Audio – Video files)

Come and observe the class before you get registered.

     ·        Three days per week (will be completing in approx. 02 months):    
   Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 3:30 – 5:30 PM

((Registration Open))

Venue: 57, DMHS, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Near Tariq Road Chowrangi, Karachi.

Realize this fact now!

People are coming back ... and looking for new markets for business and jobs.

Plan now for your bright future.

Learn Arabic and get ready for it.

Learning the Arabic Language is a win-win deal because this will benefit you in 
this world and in the hereafter as well, InshaAllah.

We teach the Arabic as a real practicing language so that you learn both 
contemporary and Quranic language simultaneously. Plz attend the class to enjoy 
our methodology and explore how it is possible.

Teaching Methodology

¯    Learn by direct practical usage, we manage to teach this comprehensive 
language ‎avoiding complex grammatical terms and difficult style. ‎

¯    Precise Exercises and Audio – Video support

¯    Small groups - individual attention.                                       

¯    Learn even during your job, studies and business. ‎

¯    No complicated traditional methods and books. ‎

Objectives & Benefits of Learning the Arabic Language

?    ‎Ability to understand the Holy Quran without translation, InshaAllah.

?    ‎Opens the Arabic Speaking Business and Jobs Markets for ‎you.

?    Easily penetration in Arab society, and hence, good PRs.

?    ‎Short time, cost-effective, very useful and interesting.‎

Waseem Usman Al-Madani – the Course Coordinator

Profile at a glance:

¨      Graduated from the Islamic University, Madinah Munawwarah,

¨      Masters in Islamic Studies & Arabic, Karachi University and completing 
Ph.D., program in the Faculty of Arabic, Karachi University.

¨      Teaching the Arabic Language since more than 20 years at various 
renowned academic organizations and private institutes.

¨      Worked more then six years in an Arab Foreign Mission as English-Arabic 

¨      Arabicized many computer programs (softwares).

¨      Translated many Islamic, Technical & Medical Literatures in 
Urdu-English-Arabic (published in both international & national levels).

¨      Developed Arabic Language curriculum for several reputable schools.

¨      Compiler of the Arabic Workbook.

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0301 230 21 31

for location map.

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