New Freedom Fighters Organization :Under Attack From Unscrupulous  newspapers 
and politicians 



A campaign has started against  the new Islamic oriented freedom fighter 
organization  which has been formed by the freedom fighters who  have been 
frustrated by the secularism, political bias and anti-Islamic agenda of the 
other freedom fighter organizations. Recently this new organization called 
Jatiya Muktojoddha Parishad  (National Freedom Fighters Organisation ) has 
organized itself in the whole country. It  held a national conference in Dhaka 
recently and it was attempted to be disrupted by some agent provocateurs which 
the organization has refuted in detail through news paper advertisement. The 
campaign against it has been spearheaded by left and unscrupulous newspapers 
and a few TV channels. Their line of argument is that the organizers beat a 
freedom fighter and that it is  an organization “ backed  by Jamaat ”.  Leaders 
of Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) yesterday demanded immediate ban on 
Jamaat-backed Jatiya Muktijoddha Parishad backed by anti-liberation forces 
Jamaat-Shibir.The Jamaat-Shibir men committed heinous crime by assaulting a 
freedom fighter for seeking trial of war criminals, the CPB leaders said at a 
daylong council of Rajshahi District CPB at Public Library Auditorium. 


We are surprised at the campaign. it is true that tens of thousands of freedom 
fighters are now workers of Jamaate Islami because they want Islamic not 
secularist order in the country. It is not their offence, they have right to 
join any lawful party. Despite that this organization has in its midst 
Islamists of many groups , not only jammate Islami.Their demand is national 
unity, progress of Bangladesh, saving the independence from aggressive forces 
around and resist all biased and divisive activities of others in the name of 
freedom struggle. We thin their program is fine and all biased quarters should 
stop their false and undemocratic propaganda.


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