Apologies for any duplicate postings. Please send preferred or correct email 
address. Thanks.
Having been at this Forum I can say that this is not a true portrayal of the 
rally, there were no "provocative images and messages" or any "hate-crime". 
This is simply an action to punish the students for a successful rally on 
behalf of Palestinian human rights and free speech. McMaster students have been 
harassed continuously over the past 6 years for their Palestinian work. More 
information will be forwarded as the case unfolds and as the students request 
support. Susan.

--- On Fri, 7/18/08, Mariam Ibrahim <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Please visit link: http://www.thespec.com/article/404767

Police seeking hate charges over winter rally at Mac

July 18, 2008
Wade Hemsworth

The Hamilton Spectator

Hamilton police are recommending at least two people involved with a 
controversial rally last winter at McMaster University be charged with 
promoting hatred.
The case is now in the hands of the Hamilton Crown Attorney's office, which is 
deciding how to proceed.

If the Crown's office believes the charges will stand up, it will make a 
recommendation to the provincial Attorney General's office, which makes the 
final call in cases involving the promotion of hatred.

The Crown could ask the police to gather more information before proceeding.
"At this point, I believe the offences occurred, and I'm hoping to be supported 
on that," said Detective-Sergeant Chris Kiriakopoulos, the Hamilton police 
hate-crimes specialist leading the investigation.

He laid out his case for the Crown's office in a private meeting Wednesday.
In an interview yesterday, he declined to say how many people he is 
recommending be charged other than there are more than one.

At issue is what happened after a public forum at McMaster last Feb. 29. 
Pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli groups debated the university's decision not to 
allow McMaster Muslims for Peace and Justice and Solidarity for Palestinian 
Human Rights -- the organizers of "Israeli Apartheid week" -- to post certain 
promotional material on the basis it was unduly offensive.

The moderated forum drew about 300, including McMaster students and faculty, 
pro-Palestinian supporters from Toronto universities, and pro-Israel supporters 
from across Hamilton. The atmosphere was tense, and at times threatened to boil 
Once the official agenda ended, some members of the pro-Palestinian side pulled 
out signs, banners and a loudhailer and began dancing and chanting in the lobby 
of the student centre where the forum had just wrapped up.

Their demonstration included calls for intefadeh, or uprising, and their signs 
featured provocative images and messages, prompting multiple complaints to the 


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