‘Yeh  kaynaat abhee  naa  tamaam hei shayad,
Ke  aa rahee hei dama dam sada-ey  ‘Kun-fayakoon.’
( This Universe is perhaps still incomplete,
As the voices of ‘Kun-fayakoon’(become!) are coming continuously)
As the unruly mob of  the  perverted Maulvi,
With all  possible means to debase Islam;
Are forging ahead on the deadly prowl,
To invent  numberless faiths of their brand.
As the success of their  evil designs witness,
The peak of the hatred , and fratricidal wars;
The  enemy  applauding the  Maulvi’s  feat,
While both play  havoc in the Muslim world.
In the midst of the dark and hovering  gloom,
My prescient sight and the divinity within;
Are bringing the flashes before my eyes,
Which make me shudder, as I give them words.
The wails and screams are  piercing the air,
The world is littered with the heaps of dead;
The  flooded  streams of the Muslim blood , 
Have made   the ocean and earth total red.
Like millions  of chickens culled to check the flu,
The  Maulvi who vitiated  the  Islamic theme ;
Being slaughtered on the streets  in a ruthless way,
To disinfect the community for centuries to come.
The Royals and  Heads  of  the Muslim land,
Who made their peoples nothing, but slaves;
Being dragged   from their gorgeous  resorts,
And hanged  in the open,  for vultures to eat.
It might look like  the doom of  Allah’s  Deen ,
But it will augur well for the end of rotten Islam;
On the  horizon  now appears a  burning flame ,
The Divine Message emerging with pristine force.
The  vast multitudes from  across the world,
Whose vision was blurred by  varied  biases;
Open their hearts  to the last word of God,
Rush like  the  army of locust   to their  Lord.
With  reverential  sounds of  solemn  trust,
Resounding through  every  length and  width;
The  huge  crowds thronging Allah’s House,
Bowing their   heads and seeking His refuge.
As they pledge their life to the eternal belief,
Which for ages was eclipsed by a pack of lies ;
Jibraeel  is   proclaiming from the  heavens,
Allah’s  words , once  brought to the earth.
“Iza  ja -aa Nasrullahe wal-fat-ho,
Warayatannasa yad khuloonaa  feedee Nillahey afwaja,
Fasabbeh  Be-hamde Rabbika wastagfirho innahoo kaanaa  tawwaba.”
( When comes the help of  Allah, and Victory,
And thou dost see the People enter Allah’s Religion in crowds,
Celebrate the Praises  of thy Lord, and pray for His forgiveness:
For He is  Oft-Returning (In forgiveness)
‘Har  na-ee tameer ko laazim hei takhreebey tamam,
Hei  is-hee mein  mushkilatey zindaganee kee kushood.’
( It is imperative that total destruction must precede every new construction,
In this process lies the solution of all the troubles of life.)
Dr.Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,
                                LL.M.(Alig.),LL.D.( Lucknow )
President, All India Muslim Forum
3,Sherwani Nagar, Sitapur Road , Lucknow , India

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