Buchenwald.........  in 2009
The day after the day when he was in Cairo
President Barack Obama went directly to visit
the ex-concentration camp of Buchenwald in Germany
Arriving to the camp he laid a white flower and said :
This place is the ultimate rebuke
for those who would still deny the Holocaust....unquote
If I may answer on behalf of the revisionists
which never was my task , nor my duty
I would reply to Obama ............two things :
1- revisionist do not deny the existence of the concentration-camps
but they doubt and deny what has happened in them !!
2- Buchenwald is 6200 kilometres away from Cairo
and has been out of business for the last 64 years ,
so why not having visited , instead , the Gaza Strip
which only 263 kilometres from Cairo and is still in business....
OK Gaza is not a "Death-Camp"  , as such.......
but it is surely a huge "Concentration-Camp"
but if you would add the boycott and the starvation and the siege
and the bombardments .......
Gaza would then qualify  as a "Death-camp".
Why to dig in past ,
when the present is equaly so rotten !!!
Why to go look inside a 64 years old closed kitchen (Buchenwald)
and to try to convince us , whether or not , it has had  chicken-soup
when a modern, contemporary and still active kitchen (Gaza)
has ,still on fire , hot-boiling-chicken-soup ??

Are there also US-double-standards.......
in Chicken-soups ?? and in Holocausts ???

Sherlock Hommos
6th of June 2009


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