The Heart of Obama at Cairo Speech
I am born of your sperm,
I know the depth of your mind;
I have your blood  in my veins,
What lies inside you, I can  find.
I was your breed, I  know your instinct,
On earth, you are the most gullible race;
The praise of  your faith gives you  joy,
Quotes from Qur’an glorify  your face.
          Bush had a suspicious and dubious trait,
He  was a zealous fool ; aroused your hate;
His color was a mirror to his darkest heart,
I have a perfect match, I thank my fate.
Many a time , I pondered, why he failed,
I will surpass him, and attain our goal;
I will vanquish you , but will always tell,
In this  world , you have a historic role.
I am getting you slain  through my  slaves,
That I have  bought   from  amongst you;
They are faithfully doing what I wish,
You all are applauding me, barring a few.
          Our Israel will continue on the usurped soil,
The Palestinians must not dream to be free;
Afghanistan and Iraq now belong to us ,
          Our drones will keep their killing spree.
          With the hysteria of terror and global threat,
In your lands, our forces will always remain;
I will pick up more spots to foment unrest,
Till you dispel your dignity  from your brain.
Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.
Lucknow, U.P. India

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