I'm having some trouble using foreach_unique. I expect it to be an issue 
with my understanding of what it does or how it's supposed to be used.
I wrote this small sanity check routine below. the memory that comes in is 
precleared and has room for 256*256 entries. I've tried ispc 1.7 and 1.9.1 
(on windows) on my avx1 target.
What I'm expecting to see once the routine is done is 8 instances of the 
value 3 followed by 248 zeros. Then 8 instances of 4 followed by 248 zeros 
and so on.
Instead I get one instance of 3 followed by 255 zeros. Then one instance of 
4 followed by 

EXPORT void checkparams(UNIFORM int data0[])
foreach (t = 0 ... 256)
int i=0;

foreach_unique(val in t)
data0[256*t+i] = t+3;

I was hoping someone could tell me where I'm getting my wires crossed?

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