Github user gvramana commented on the issue:
    @Xaprice  Currently Minor and Major compaction has fixed meaning, minor is 
based on frequency of segments and Major is based on size. So better to not to 
change the current meaning.
    Also CARBON_INPUT_SEGMENTS will impact only read query but will not impact 
any other DDL/DML.
    So you can add a new compaction type CUSTOM and pass the required segments 
in the same command, so that it will not create any confusion.
    so command can be
     ALTER TABLE tablename compact 'CUSTOM' '1, 2, 3, 4'
    It is also required to mention in documentation that it will not respect 
other features like preserve_segments, size etc. Also invalid segments in list 
are ignored. Also CUSTOM compacted segments will not participate in minor 
compaction triggered later.


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