Github user manishgupta88 commented on the issue:
    I agree with @gvramana 
    1. We should not use Major/Minor compaction type as they have a specific 
meaning and both are controlled by the system for taking decisions whether 
segment is valid to be compacted or not.
    2. We should not use carbon.input.segments.default.seg_compact to set the 
segments to be compacted.
    3. We should introduce a new compaction type in the DDL 'CUSTOM' as 
suggested above because it is something like force compaction for the given 
segments as it will not check for size and frequency of segments. We can work 
on using the below syntax for custom compaction.
    Once a table is compacted using Custom compaction, then minor compaction 
does not hold good for the custom compacted segment. Custom compacted segment 
should only participate during major compaction if it satisfies the major 
compaction size property.


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