ShreelekhyaG commented on a change in pull request #3988:

File path: 
@@ -439,6 +430,73 @@ public boolean accept(CarbonFile file) {
     return null;
+  /**
+   * Get old and invalid files which have already been merged to a mergeindex 
file.In segment folder
+   * we may have both .index files and .mergeindex files, as we are not 
deleting index files
+   * immediately for old tables, this method reads mergeindex file and adds 
mapped index files to a
+   * list and returns.If more than one mergeindex file is present, considers 
the latest one as valid
+   * Ex: We have 3 files in segment. Segment0/ 1.index , 1.mergeindex file, 
+   * 1.index is merged to 1.mergeindex. Here it returns merged index file - 
+   */
+  public static Set<String> getInvalidAndMergedIndexFiles(List<String> 
+      throws IOException {
+    SegmentIndexFileStore indexFileStore = new SegmentIndexFileStore();

Review comment:
       This method is called during read, when segment/table status file is not 
present or gets deleted, and when writing segment data size in tablestatus 
file. So for all old/new tables this method is called and taken care of. For 
new tables also, when stale data is present, it is used to filter invalid 
files. Ex: SI load when MT has stale index files, as during SI load MT segment 
file/ status file name is not updated, we directly get from segment directory. 

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