Github user zentol commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -163,8 +224,19 @@ public T copy(T from, T reuse) {
        public void copy(DataInputView source, DataOutputView target) throws 
IOException {
    -           T value = deserialize(source);
    -           serialize(value, target);
    +           if (CONCURRENT_ACCESS_CHECK) {
    +                   enterExclusiveThread();
    +           }
    +           try {
    +                   T value = deserialize(source);
    --- End diff --
    Have to point out that after `deserialize()` the checks in copy() are 
ineffective as the `currentThread` field has already been nulled. In other 
words, we guard against concurrent access before deserialize(), and within 
deserialize()&serialize(), but not between deserialize()&serialize() or after 
    This isn't a _problem_ as all code is actually covered, but we may want to 
document that.


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