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    [FLINK-9151] [Startup Shell Scripts] Export FLINK_CONF_DIR to job manager 
and task managers in standalone cluster mode

    ## What is the purpose of the change
    This pull request makes the standalone cluster scripts pass FLINK_CONF_DIR 
to the launched job managers and task managers, rather than relying on the 
default config dir on the target host.
    ## Brief change log
    - Added export FLINK_CONF_DIR to `config.sh` and `start_cluser.sh`
    ## Verifying this change
    - Manually verified the change by running a standalone cluster with a local 
FLINK_CONF_DIR environment variable set.
    ## Does this pull request potentially affect one of the following parts:
      - Dependencies (does it add or upgrade a dependency): no
      - The public API, i.e., is any changed class annotated with 
`@Public(Evolving)`: no
      - The serializers: no
      - The runtime per-record code paths (performance sensitive): no
      - Anything that affects deployment or recovery: JobManager (and its 
components), Checkpointing, Yarn/Mesos, ZooKeeper: yes
      - The S3 file system connector: no
    ## Documentation
      - Does this pull request introduce a new feature? no
      - If yes, how is the feature documented? not applicable

You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull https://github.com/facboy/flink 1.4.x

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:


To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #5831
commit 760d1a6bb75eb9519a4b93eb3cf34ad1605621da
Author: yew1eb <yew1eb@...>
Date:   2017-11-07T01:06:45Z

    [hotfix][docs] Add type for numLateRecordsDropped metric in docs

commit 07830e7897a42b5d12f0b33c42933c6ca78e70d3
Author: zentol <chesnay@...>
Date:   2017-11-07T11:16:04Z

    [hotfix][rat] Add missing rat exclusions
    Another set of RAT exclusions to prevent errors on Windows.

commit aab36f934548a5697c5c461b2a79c7cf3fd0d756
Author: kkloudas <kkloudas@...>
Date:   2017-11-06T11:43:18Z

    [FLINK-7823][QS] Update Queryable State configuration parameters.

commit 819995454611be6a85e2933318d053b2c25a18f7
Author: kkloudas <kkloudas@...>
Date:   2017-11-06T16:21:45Z

    [FLINK-7822][QS][doc] Update Queryable State docs.

commit 564c9934fd3aaba462a7415788b3d55486146f9b
Author: Aljoscha Krettek <aljoscha.krettek@...>
Date:   2017-11-07T17:27:16Z

    [hotfix] Use correct commit id in GenericWriteAheadSink.notifyCheckpoint

commit 3cbf467ebdf639df4d7d4da78b7bc2929aa4b5d9
Author: Piotr Nowojski <piotr.nowojski@...>
Date:   2017-11-06T13:03:16Z

    [hotfix][kafka] Extract TransactionalIdsGenerator class from 
    This is pure refactor without any functional changes.

commit 460e27aeb5e246aff0f8137448441c315123608c
Author: Piotr Nowojski <piotr.nowojski@...>
Date:   2017-11-06T13:14:01Z

    [FLINK-7978][kafka] Ensure that transactional ids will never clash
    Previously transactional ids to use and to abort could clash between
    subtasks. This could lead to a race condition between initialization
    and writting the data, where one subtask is still initializing/aborting
    some transactional id while different subtask is already trying to write
    the data using the same transactional id.

commit b677c8d69b81fb3594798ba2761fdb7e2edea5db
Author: Fabian Hueske <fhueske@...>
Date:   2017-11-07T22:43:45Z

    [hotfix] [docs] Improve Supported Types section of Table API & SQL docs.

commit dc1ca78a4e4cb339e9fbf0c90700f3204e091c53
Author: Fabian Hueske <fhueske@...>
Date:   2017-11-07T23:12:49Z

    [hotfix] [docs] Fix UDTF join description in SQL docs.

commit 5af710080eb72d23d8d2f6a77d1825f3d8a009ae
Author: zentol <chesnay@...>
Date:   2017-11-07T10:40:15Z

    [FLINK-8004][metrics][docs] Fix usage examples

commit 49dc380697627189f6ac2e8bf5a084ac85c21ed5
Author: zentol <chesnay@...>
Date:   2017-11-07T14:36:49Z

    [FLINK-8010][build] Bump remaining flink-shaded versions

commit 17aae5af4a7973348067d5786cd4f16fc9da2639
Author: Tzu-Li (Gordon) Tai <tzulitai@...>
Date:   2017-11-07T11:35:33Z

    [FLINK-8001] [kafka] Prevent PeriodicWatermarkEmitter from violating IDLE 
    Prior to this commit, a bug exists such that if a Kafka consumer subtask
    initially marks itself as idle because it didn't have any partitions to
    subscribe to, that idleness status will be violated when the
    PeriodicWatermarkEmitter is fired.
    The problem is that the PeriodicWatermarkEmitter incorrecty yields a
    Long.MAX_VALUE watermark even when there are no partitions to subscribe
    to. This commit fixes this by additionally ensuring that the aggregated
    watermark in the PeriodicWatermarkEmitterr is an effective one (i.e., is
    really aggregated from some partition).

commit f5a0b4bdfb623852cd5790223fd38732ff985de9
Author: zentol <chesnay@...>
Date:   2017-11-07T15:58:53Z

    [FLINK-8009][build][runtime] Remove transitive dependency promotion
    This closes #4972.

commit a126bd3e7d9614749f61692fbb53c5b284f17091
Author: Xpray <leonxpray@...>
Date:   2017-11-03T07:19:42Z

    [FLINK-7971] [table] Fix potential NPE in non-windowed aggregation.
    This closes #4941.

commit 8c60f97a43defc57bb1bfaabdd6081b329db53b8
Author: Rong Rong <rongr@...>
Date:   2017-10-31T18:05:38Z

    [FLINK-7922] [table] Fix FlinkTypeFactory.leastRestrictive for composite 
    This closes #4929.

commit 1b20f70dea3fddfaeaf00ceae44e4dc0fcb4f47b
Author: Xingcan Cui <xingcanc@...>
Date:   2017-11-07T17:17:57Z

    [FLINK-7996] [table] Add support for (left.time = right.time) predicates to 
window join.
    This closes #4977.

commit 51657fc6deaf28115020db86d031d536b09bf384
Author: Fabian Hueske <fhueske@...>
Date:   2017-11-07T16:57:39Z

    [FLINK-8012] [table] Fix TableSink config for tables with time attributes.
    This closes #4974.

commit c7943291599260003304f003e89725352ae7d836
Author: Fabian Hueske <fhueske@...>
Date:   2017-11-06T20:22:35Z

    [FLINK-8002] [table] Fix join window boundary for LESS_THAN and 
GREATER_THAN predicates.
    This closes #4962.

commit 02a19a14fad1ef928038f4971bdcacf4d0642d88
Author: Dan Kelley <dan.kelley@...>
Date:   2017-11-08T01:27:44Z

    [FLINK-8017] Fix High availability cluster-id key in documentation

commit d302c652f1b52aac29ff6d09c817bd7f9e5e00e7
Author: Aljoscha Krettek <aljoscha.krettek@...>
Date:   2017-11-09T14:34:44Z

    [hotfix] Fix formatting in windowing documentation

commit 7df7fc457618d371b4c1f9623ac7fc2cab37cb1f
Author: Piotr Nowojski <piotr.nowojski@...>
Date:   2017-10-05T13:17:13Z

    [hotfix][build] Deduplicate maven-enforcer version

commit 005a871771ce73bef9c78ee04a61817fa9a31e99
Author: Piotr Nowojski <piotr.nowojski@...>
Date:   2017-11-07T11:13:59Z

    [FLINK-7765][build] Enable dependency convergence by default
    Disable it in most modules.

commit 2117eb77bb9d34da4288b5dd4455ef06c583ce7c
Author: gyao <gary@...>
Date:   2017-11-08T10:46:45Z

    [FLINK-8005] Set user-code class loader as context loader before snapshot
    During checkpointing, user code may dynamically load classes from the user 
    jar. This is a problem if the thread invoking the snapshot callbacks does 
    have the user code class loader set as its context class loader. This commit
    makes sure that the correct class loader is set.

commit 896f13da1d35fcae46600eb54a055bbfd6f6e8fc
Author: Michael Fong <mcfong.open@...>
Date:   2017-08-14T12:57:06Z

    [FLINK-4500] CassandraSinkBase implements CheckpointedFunction
    This closes #4605.

commit 5f992e8dec2b9349627385d4188a6975c619de9d
Author: Piotr Nowojski <piotr.nowojski@...>
Date:   2017-11-10T12:57:51Z

    [hotfix][build] Disable dependency convergence in flink-dist
    Previously mvn javadoc:aggregate goal was failing

commit da435f121821fd1107c41352a54ee804f10cf7e3
Author: Aljoscha Krettek <aljoscha.krettek@...>
Date:   2017-11-10T09:54:16Z

    [FLINK-6163] Document per-window state in ProcessWindowFunction

commit b3df579f0fd36f8b4a235a994caaaffe6f2b2a0d
Author: Piotr Nowojski <piotr.nowojski@...>
Date:   2017-11-10T14:15:11Z

    [hotfix][docs] Change mailing list link in quickstart to flink-user
    Previously it was pointing to flink-dev

commit 6aeac3fb77c1053e344d08c0cc68e84a88623a43
Author: Aljoscha Krettek <aljoscha.krettek@...>
Date:   2017-11-10T15:28:46Z

    [FLINK-7702] Remove Javadoc aggregation for Scala code
    genjavadoc generated some Java code that was making Javadoc fail.

commit 431ae36f787adcaac2e1071753d2dc2af299f528
Author: Aljoscha Krettek <aljoscha.krettek@...>
Date:   2017-11-10T17:13:26Z

    [FLINK-7702] Add maven-bundle-plugin to root pom
    Before, we had it in places that require it. This doesn't work when
    running mvn javadoc:aggregate because this will only run for the root
    pom and can then not find the "bundle" dependencies.

commit e2b92f22c2686f8d842d371a17c36c5d28f9b247
Author: Stefan Richter <s.richter@...>
Date:   2017-11-13T10:50:07Z

    [FLINK-8040] [tests] Fix test instability in ResourceGuardTest
    (cherry picked from commit ad8ef6d)


> standalone cluster scripts should pass FLINK_CONF_DIR to job manager and task 
> managers
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: FLINK-9151
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLINK-9151
>             Project: Flink
>          Issue Type: Improvement
>          Components: Startup Shell Scripts
>    Affects Versions: 1.4.1
>            Reporter: Christopher Ng
>            Assignee: vinoyang
>            Priority: Minor
> At the moment FLINK_CONF_DIR is not passed to the job manager and task 
> manager when they are started over SSH.  This means that if the user has a 
> locally set FLINK_CONF_DIR that is not configured by their login shell, it is 
> not used by the launched job manager and task manager which can result in 
> silently failing to launch if there are errors due to Flink not using the 
> correct config dir.
> One particular inconsistency is that a TaskManagers may be launched locally 
> (without ssh) on localhost, but JobManagers are always launched over ssh.  In 
> my particular case this meant that the TaskManager launched but the 
> JobManager silently failed to launch.

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