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--- Comment #18 from Wyatt Epp <> ---
(In reply to Philippe Mouawad from comment #17)
> - How is user supposed to use the Proxy. He starts it in non gui mode. But
> how does he saves the Test plan recorded ?

That's far beyond the scope of this bug.  Think of it as an exercise for the
reader. ;)

> I suppose you have some custom development to do that ? Any chance you
> contribute more ?

I'd *like* to, but we've been over this before: I can't actually
release/upstream our full headless recording daemon until the release has been
cleared with legal.  I'm still making noise about it, but it's not up to me and
I don't have an ETA.  I'm in a bit of a grey area already for cleaning up that
patch and sample.

> - Would it make sense in the future to have a command line option to start
> proxy in NON GUI mode

Maybe.  In practice, we've found it works best to have the recorder be a daemon
that accepts commands from a TCP client and gives feedback. (Similar to how
jcmd or jfr work, I think.)

BTW, can you be update the milestone?  I don't have permissions for that.

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