Github user nickwallen commented on the issue:
    > I'd like to know what specific problems we're going to solve that merit 
that level of change in this PR. 
    The fundamental problem here is a lack of good unit tests on these search 
DAOs.  That is why I am interested in refactoring this.  
    What I don't want to repeat is #832 or [the recent issue found in Full Dev 
on this PR](  
Are these clues that we don't have sufficient testing?
    We really need quality tests here in particular, because this is a complex 
and difficult to implement feature.  Because it is so difficult, we need to 
have **especially** good automated testing around this.
    I completely appreciate not wanting to expand scope too much.  But when 
adding a big chunk of net-new functionality, you inherently have to refactor to 
keep things maintainable.  To what degree refactoring is needed, is a judgement 
call of course.


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