Github user devriesb commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -131,4 +143,10 @@ protected JMSPublisher 
finishBuildingJmsWorker(CachingConnectionFactory connecti
   , in -> StreamUtils.fillBuffer(in, 
messageContent, true));
             return messageContent;
    +    private String extractTextMessageBody(FlowFile flowFile, 
ProcessSession session) {
    +        final StringWriter writer = new StringWriter();
    +, in -> IOUtils.copy(in, writer, 
    --- End diff --
    i'm not sure if this is a helpful "middle ground" suggestion or not, but 
you could add a charset property that itself defaults to 
Charset.defaultCharset().  That way the out of the box behavior uses the 
charset specified for the jvm, but can be overridden on a per processor basis 
if needed.


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