Github user mosermw commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -136,9 +155,16 @@
             relationships = Collections.unmodifiableSet(_relationships);
    +    @OnScheduled
    --- End diff --
    Thanks for looking at this @markap14.  The CHARACTER_SET_VALIDATOR 
essentially says a property value is valid if an EL expression returns a 
String.  If someone sets it to ${system.charset} and that environment variable 
is set to "FOO", for example, then when ConsumeJMS receives a TextMessage it 
will throw an UnsupportedCharsetException at runtime.  I thought I would 
include this method to give earlier warning.  PublishJMS doesn't need this 
check, because the charset could be set in a flowfile attribute, and 
UnsupportedCharsetException would just cause the flowfile to go to 'failure'.  
If you still think the method is unnecessary, though, let me know and I can 
remove it.


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