Github user mcgilman commented on the issue:
    @moranr @scottyaslan @markap14 I've addressed the PR feedback above. Please 
have a look at my most recent commit. A couple notes:
    - I also found and addressed an issue when replicating the terminate 
threads request throughout the cluster.
    - I left the Terminate content menu alone since it replaces the Stop 
option. Like Start/Stop, I think simply stating the action is sufficient.
    - I did not address the formatting of the queue stats. When investigating I 
discovered an issue with this formatting. It turns out that it is already 
formatted in the proposed way when in clustered mode. In standalone this 
formatting is different. Unfortunately, its a bigger change then I'd like to 
make in this PR. As a result, I filed a new JIRA [1] to address it in the 


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