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--- Comment #5 from Antti-Pekka Tuovinen <> ---
I have reproduced some of the weird rendering of text described by Bastendorf
using the attached suspect document. 

OpenOffice version: 4.1.2
OO412m3(Build:9782)  -  Rev. 1709696
2015-10-21 09:53:29 (Mi, 21 Okt 2015)

Operating system: Windows 10 Home
Version 1607
64-bit system

The steps taken:

1. Downloaded new install of Open Office
2. Downloaded the supplied attached document
3. Opened document and deleted red text
4. Scrolled back to the beginning of the document without noticing anything
5. Selected and deleted randomly two pieces of the text (about one line each)
on the first page
6. Deleted a third piece of text near the bottom of the first page
7. Observed shifting of the text in the middle of the line down (the first time
I did this) and up (on the second attempt).

I took screenshots of the misalignment on both occasions and attached them to
this issue (misalignment_1.png and misalignment_2.png). I added a red arrow to
the screenshots to point to the line in question.

I also noticed another thing: whenever I open the suspect document and press
down the right mouse key on any text on the first page to start selecting text,
the text on the whole page kind of shakes and appears to make a small movement
to right. Then, when I release the key, scroll forward on to some other page
and again press down the right mouse key, the text that is visible on the
screen seems to make a small movement to left.

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