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I just upload screen shot and docs.  Here are the steps.

Create document in from scratch.  Save as  ODT
Document: Test-FullBook-6x9.odt (already uploaded)

Create custom frame called dls.
Frame Screen Shot:  OdtFrame.png

Create custom page style called dls
Page Style screen shot:  OdtPage.png

Saved as Win 97/2000/XP doc file.  File is still open.  Nothing changes.
Document:  Test-FullBook-6x9.doc  SavedAsDOCFrame.png
Saved as Frame Screen Shot:  SavedAsDOCFrame.png
Save as Page Style screen shot:  SavedAsDOCPage.png

Closed the document and repoened the doc file from open office. 
Document:  Test-Reopened-FullBook-6x9.doc
Reopened Frame Screen Shot:  ReopenedSavedAsDOCFrame.png
Save as Page Style screen shot:  ReopenedSavedAsDOCPage.png

In the reopened document the dls Frame is totally gone.  The dls Page Style is
also gone but there are two new page styles, Convert 1 and Convert 2.  They do
not have the saved settings for dls, for example, headers are turned on when
they were turned off before the save.  Also, future changes to the page Page
Styles does not work.  Every time I make a change I get another Convert page
style, Convert 3, Convert 4,  .... but changes are not carried through. 
Converts are also created if I try to edit system Page Styles such as index of
first page.  In a perfect world, I woulda not have to mess with the doc format
at all.  I am no fan of MS products but I have to interface with them.

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