--- Comment #1 from Czesław Wolański <> ---

----- AOO Writer vs AOO Draw & AOO Impress  -----

If you repeat above tests 1-4 on any bitmap in AOO Writer you will find that:

- optical glitches occur in AOO Writer too
- but in Test no. 4 - Picture toolbar behaves CORRECTLY

Now last test in a "clean slate" scenario:

1. In AOO Draw open new document and draw a shape 

2. Convert it to bitmap
   Modify > Convert > To Bitmap or Context Menu > Convert > To Bitmap

   The Picture toolbar becomes available.

3. Click the left-most icon on the Picture toolbar - "Magic Wand".
   Undock toolbar "Graphic Filter".

4. If you click on any icon: "Invert","Smooth", Sharpen", Remove Noise", 
   "Pop art" or "Charcoal Sketch" you will notice that Picture toolbar
   is refreshed (easy to spot if you focus your attention
   on "Graphics mode" list box control.

   That is odd - in AOO Writer it does not occur.

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