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02.04.2018, 03:54, "Oswald Buddenhagen" <>:

>  i would recommend moving (== copy + delete source) the archive on the
>  slave to a separate folder (which is simply not synced)

Do you mean (in Linux) to use "mv"?

Or do you /literally/ mean "cp" first and then "rm"?

I was planning on using "mv", like this:

$ mv production_account/INBOX/cur Archive/INBOX/cur

and then recreate the production_account/INBOX/cur with mkdir. Not sure if this 
step would be necessary of if mbsync would just recreate it on next sync since 
i use: "Create Slave"

This would be to avoid actually copying 20 GB's of data (even if it's on same 
file system.)

But I am not sure if mbsycnc will balk at that on the sync. I can test it here 
but I might miss something.

Can I get away with mv (+ mkdir) ?
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