currently I'm writing an XMPP test client and I'm using jabberd2 v2.3.6 as
XMPP server (built from source).

I recognized a problem when subscribing to a user's presence. The
subscription itself seems to work, i.e. the subscriber receives presence
updates. However, the presence stanza of type "subscribed" never arrives at
the subscriber. That means on subscriber's side the subscription remains in
unanswered state while already receiving presence updates.

In the router's debug output I can see the incoming subscribed presence
stanza from the contact:
sx (io.c:255) decoded read data (323 bytes): <route xmlns='
http://jabberd.jabberstudio.org/ns/component/1.0' from='c2s'
to='localhost'><presence xmlns:sc='
http://jabberd.jabberstudio.org/ns/session/1.0' xmlns='jabber:client'
sc:sm='621b457a7181f454ca07bb4326e73e67096ed383' sc:c2s='10'
from='user1@localhost/testclient' type='subscribed' to='gloox@localhost

I'm not very familiar with reading the debug output, but I cannot see an
error. And I don't see the subscribed presence stanza going out to the
subscriber. I confirmed this with a Wireshark trace.

Am I missing something? Please, can someone shed some light on this? I
didn't add the whole debug output, because it's quite lenghty, but of
course I can provide it when requested.


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