Next jabberd2 release is available.

Get 2.4.0 release at GitHub:

This is a bugfix release.

Make sure to read the NEWS before upgrade:

 * Check for C99 support in compiler
 * Count RIO bytes and check against max stanza size
 * Gracefully drop unhandled HTTP connections
 * wss:// (WebSocket over SSL) support in c2s
 * Allow BareJID S10N packets
 * Fallback to connecting S2S using local.ip when none of the origin.ip
 * Removed explicit SQLite transactions
 * SQLite postconnect SQL support
 * SQLite DB setup script improvements
 * Many Coverity Scan and cppcheck detected issues fixed
 * Properly lowercase SASL mechanisms in c2s
 * Support out-of-source build

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