This e-mail is to make it official, that I am stepping down as a
maintainer of jabberd2 project.

Over the years my interests drifted away from Jabber/XMPP and in fact I
wasn't contributing much to the project lately.
I did my best to accept the submissions, but not much more.
This situation does not benefit the project, nor me, so it is time to
oficially step down.

Directly related to this, I will be shutting down all my XMPP related
services - including this mailing list, as the virtual machine hosting
it is going away. It is financed up to end of February, so expect it to
go down during March 2018.

As a consolation, I am opening the source of other XMPP servers I've
been working over the years. These are provided as-is at the current
stage of development. Both are working and able to participate in XMPP

- https://github.com/smokku/jabberd3
  my work to modernize jabberd2 and merge some of jabberd14 code

- https://github.com/smokku/traffx
  Node.js/node-xmpp based server to be deployed in The Cloud

This was hell of a journey. 😄
Best regards to all I crossed paths with and best wishes.

smoku @ http://abadcafe.pl/ @ http://xiaoka.com/

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