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Jousset napisał:

>       Has anyone already shown interest to become the new maintainer?

As you can see on GitHub, activity recently was close to none.

>       I don't know if I'm skilled enough but instead of letting it
> die, I would like to become the maintainer if nobody with better
> skills wants to :-)

Judging by your contributions to jabberd2, I see no problem in passing
the project to you.

>       BTW I was recently doing some load test and having thought
> about solving the SPOF of the router process, [...]

We already had a _lengthy_ discussion on list on my vision how to
multiply the router:

Your work still lives in:

But my latest approach was to ditch the router component in favor to
message bus (using 0MQ). See discussion at

This is what https://github.com/jabberd2/jabberd2/commits/ashnazg
branch implemented and jabberd3 code (which was born of ashnazg branch) was 
going for.

>       In any case I wish you the best for the future :-)

Thanks. ☺

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