Hi, we use Lombok and Jackson. Our DTOs have a bit weird setup:

class SomeDTO {
    private int id;

    private int uid;

DropWizard 1.3.1 needs jackson-databind (otherwise throws 
NoClassDefException), so I have added it. 
After upgrading Jackson to 2.9.5 (which Dw uses), Jackson (since 2.9.2) 
started to fail to load the models when creating the ObjectMapper, 
complaining about duplicate property "id".

Duplicate creator property "id" (index 0 vs 1)
 at [Source: (String)"{
  "description": "patched description"}"; line: 1, column: 1]
        at com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.InvalidDefinitionExc

This is because we use Lombok's @Builder, which needs @AllArgsConstructor, 
and Jackson started to take this constructor into account as JSON creator I 

The only way to fix it I have found was to get rid of the @Builder and 
@AllArgsConstructor. That way, Jackson works fine.

I don't know how Jackson internally works. Is there some option or 
workaround I could use to get over that duplicated id issue?


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