As per the documentation available 
at http://www.eclemma.org/jacoco/trunk/doc/offline.html on "Using 
Pre-Instrumented Classes With the Java Agent' :

"*It is possible* to also use offline-instrumented classes with the JaCoCo 
Java agent. In this case the configuration is taken from the agent options. 
The agent must be configured in a way that pre-instrumented classes are 
excluded, e.g. with "excludes=*". Otherwise it will result in error 
messages on the console if the agent instruments such classes again."

I tried with couple of maven projects and able to see that this 
(pre-instrumented classes with jacoco-maven-plugin:prepare-agent test) is 
working fine. But, in some projects this is NOT working and throwing 
an exception "Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 
org.jacoco.agent.rt.internal_6da5971.Offline" (I was following on this 
exception on separate thread). 

Please help me in understanding this ! In what scenarios it works and not 
works !!! Would request to please elaborate on the phrase *"It is 

I understand that offline instrumentation + placing jacocoagent.jar 
in class-path is the right way, but some how ., with whatever the possible 
maven (pom.xml) configuration ., that's always throwing exception. That's 
why trying to understand the things at more deeper level !!!

Thank you !!!


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