Hi all, 

I broke my mind to figure out one search problem. I have a field «To» that 
store domains. Like example To:local.one, other.one, third.one. I have a set of 
a domain’s that are local, in this example it is «local.one», and set of non 
local domains are infinitive. I need to search all documents that contains non 
local one domains. 

Here are 3 documents:
1. To:local.one, other.one, third.one,
2. To:other.one, third.one,
3. To:local.one.

So for my query I expect 1, 2 documents because 1 contains not only local 
domains and 2 all non local domains. I can setup set of non local domains, 
because it is infinitive. Is it possible some how make a query to achieve such 


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