I am intending to implement a custom Query using Lucene 6.x and due to the lack 
of documentation concerned with a particular topic I have the following 

The query is expected to implement a two-phase search, in the sense that during 
the first run it matches documents according to criteria X, whereas during the 
later according to criteria Y of another document field. Can this be 
accomplished by using the TwoPhaseIterator?

Secondly, the query as expressed through the API will not specify a specific 
query field, but instead of a field that stores an array of objects. From an 
implementation point of view, can I using the LeafReader retrieve an object 
that would map to a Java Map, which I can later use for accessing a certain 
field within the object? Of is it perhaps more advisable to get the document 
instance using the LeafReader's getDocument(int docID) function, and then load 
particular? I'm afraid that might hurt the performance in overall because the 
documents would need to be loaded from disk. 

Thanks in advance,
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