Scripts are small programs designed to provide additional functionality for JAWS in a specific bit of software. For example I have a script that automatically maximizes note pad when ever I open up a text file even if I don't use the shortcut on my desktop. That is just a small example of what they are capable of doing.

There are scripts for a lot of the programs we use every day without even knowing that they are there doing their jobs making our lives easier. Windows Live Mail, Outlook ETC. The fact is if you name the program quite often there are scripts associated with it. I could go on but breakfast is ready and it smells very good.

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Hi Jerry,

I can't give a good technical explanation of a script, but in my own
computer lingo idiot terms a script is a file that allows Jaws to work with
a given application.  Read below from more computer savvy people:

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From: Kurt Miller
Hi all,
Having just read the guidelines again, this seems to be okay.
What are scripts exactly? I have heard of them and you guys talking about
them for different things and reasons but I guess I didn't want to seem
stupid by asking this but I feel that I should know since JAWS 17 has new
stuff about them put into it.
Can someone give me a brief explanation?
Thanks and have a great day,

From: David Ferrin
You are quite correct that scripts most certainly right on topic. Also if I
might say it does my heart some good to hear that somebody has not only read
the guidelines once you reviewed them for a second time.

Scripts are small programs that assist in making things like your email
client more screen reader friendly. They might almost be compared to a macro
if you have ever heard of such a thing in either your word processor of
choice or a spreadsheet like Excel.

For example I have written scripts that by simply hitting a single keystroke
I bring up a menu that gives me choices of going to MSConfig or my master
volume control. In short they are for the purpose of making our lives easier
when they work correctly of course.

I have always wanted the chance and of course the ability to become a better
script writer and who knows maybe some fine day that will happen. Another
example might be when you hit the key command to change your voice profiles
in JAWS, you are actually running a script that FS has provided for us by

Since I trained years ago as a COBOL programmer I have always liked that
kind of thing. Browse the web site for some offerings I have up there for
folks to download. I also have a few audio tutorials available on the
David Ferrin
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a simpler system that worked perfectly.

From: Pablo Morales
Scripts are code, that is going to tell jaws how to read, or work on
specific situations. Situations like when you press a keystroke, or when a
program start. The scripts are going to do something that is going to
perform a result. For example, when you press insert F12, this keystroke
activate a script, and it just tell jaws to read the time.

Hi folks
Since someone asked"what exactly is scripts," I'll try my best to
explain this in simple language:

"Scripts are little programs." - Jim Snowbarger, 2002

Scripts, by definition in Computer Science, is a little piece of
program that is meant to augment the functionality of a host
program.  In terms of JAWS for Windows, which is known of vast
amount of scripts availible, this means that a script is his a
little piece of code that allows JAWS to access many applications
that it didn't have access before." There might be several
reasons why scripts are used, such as allowing a program with no
accessibility in mind to "come alive" i.e.  to allow JAWS users
to use it, as well as ablowing a JAWS user to access some rich
functions that he or she didn't have access before, such as audio
controls in a media player, hidden Microsoft Word features such
as inserting hyperlinks and so forth.

What is scripts in general?
A script is a code that allows a host program to take advantage
of it and use the code to its own benefit.  In the world of
Internet, Javascript is used to create dynamic HTML content.  For
example, a website builder can use Javascript to create
interactive forms on a webpage.  Also, scripts are used to help a
host program access information that it cannot access.  For
example, suppose Internet Explorer needs to handle a page that IE
natively does not support, and let us pretend that the webpage
uses Java.  When IE opens, it calls Javascript to display webpage
on behalf of IE and return the results to IE.  Thus, scripts are
meant to augment the functionality of a host program by allowing
a program to access information and to display things that it
cannot access.

What is scripting under JAWS for Windows like, and how come it is
The ability to script JAWS for Windows existed with earlier
versions of JAWS such as 3.7.  Freedom Scentific, formerly
HenterJoyce valued emphasis on JAWS scripting.  For example, to
help scripters learn more about JAWS scripting, FS published a
tutorial called "Basics in Scripting." Also, experienced script
writers demonstrated the power of JAWS scripting, notably Jim
Snowbarger.  For instance, Jim Snowbarger, also known as The
Snowman, published a number of segments on Main Menu, a
technology radio show from ACB Radio.  This demonstrations proved
to be popular and allowed many people, including beginners and
advanced users of JAWS to understand the real power of
scripts--that of allowing an application without accessibility in
mind to truly come alive with JAWS.  Thus, JAWS scripts are
popular due to promotion from Freedom Scientific and from other
script writers.

What are components of JAWS script files
There are numerous components to JAWS scripting.  Items and their
explanations are as follows:
* jcf (JAWS Config file): this type of file is used to store
configuration files foraparticular application.
* jgf (Graphics file): this is used to store graphics information
for a specific program so that JAWS can work with graphics.
* jkm (Key Map): a key map file is a file that stores JAWS
commands that are used in an application.
* jss (Script Source): the source file of scripts.  Used to
create and modify scripts.
* jsb (Script Binary): the compiled binary version of Script
Source.  A binny file is a file with binary instructions in 0's
and 1's that is used to tell a computer processor what to do.

Uses of JAWS scripts
JAWS scripts are used in variety of situation.  A notable use of
scripting functionality is to allow an application to be
user-friendly with JAWS.  For instance, a popular audio editing
program, Sound Forge from Sony (formerly Sonic Foundry) was
inaccessible with JAWS.  But thanks to Jim Snowbarger and his
scripts, Sound Forge has become accessible with JAWS.  Also,
scripts are used to augment functionality in existing
applications that are user-friendly.  For example, a script can
be used to find out how many links are on a page in Internet
Explorer, or it can be used to read the calculation result in an
Excel formula.  Additionally, scripts are useful for navigating
to a certain section of a program window that JAWITHS cannot
access, such as viewing toolbar list under Internet Explorer.
Therefore, JAWS scripts are useful for enhancing usability and
accessibility of mainstream applications with JAWS.

An application uses scripts to carry out its functions.  From
accessing inaccessible software to enhancing usability of a
program, JAWS scripts are used to allow JAWS users to use a
software efficiently and effectively.  Scripts are popular thanks
to endorsement from Freedom Scientific and scripters themselves.
Many mainstream companies recognized values of JAWS scripts and
were able to create products that works well with JAWS.  "The
overall aim of JAWS scripts," says Eric Damery, product manager
for JAWS for Freedom Scientific, "is to make mainstream
applications accessible with JAWS."

For more information about JAWS scripts, refer to JAWS Scripts
mailing list, as well as Blind Programming site's resources on
JAWS scripts.  For information about writing scripts, refer to
tutorials designed for script writers (Basics in Scripting) from
Freedom Scentific and other script writers.

Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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Mike: Please forgive the ignorance, but exactly what are the JAWS scripts,
and what do they do? Or should I go to the FS site for specific information
regarding this inquiry? Thanks. Jerry

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Hi Sue,

Click on the link below for helpful keystrokes & other tips about using Jaws
with Thunderbird.  Navigate by heading for quicker navigation.  Pressing the
letter, H, is the keystroke to navigate by heading.

There are scripts out there for Jaws & Thunderbird, but I don't know how up
to date they are.
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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There are a couple of general tutorials up there on installing such animals.

I'll review what is up there as it has been a while since I have done that.
Most recently I have been considering a tutorial on drive letter view which
is a program for remapping drive letters in the event that such a thing is
required for some reason or another.

I'll admit these things don't occur with as much frequency here lately, but
life does tend to get in the way once in a while.

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 Hello. I did take notice on the jaws-users you have some demos in
installing jaws scripts and am a new jaws user would like to see a
tutorial in finding a jaws script online, then installing the jaws
scripts. I am using jaws 18 and an updated tutorial would be nice to
listen to since would like to make thunderbird work better with jaws. I
forget where I saw the thunderbird script, a walk through would be nice.
I would like to hear the demo of finding the thunderbird script along
with where to installing it and making it work with the current version
of jaws. I did see some stuff about scripts, but a lot of the stuff I
saw they want money, would love to get the training course from but I have no idea where to start plus don't have the money
as of right now am still getting used to jaws since am coming from
Window Eyes and still using it so please if some one could post
something on the website think that would help us out in the long run.
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