Hi prateek dujari,

Below is a tutorial from Rick Justice for an older version, but hopefully it 
will get you going in the right direction.  A more complete tutorial by Jim 
flusche will follow in a 2nd reply.

These instructions were written for ITunes version, using Jaws 
version 16,
on Windows 7 Home Premium.

Once ITunes has been configured to automatically sync with your phone when 
connected , follow these steps to move music or ring tones to your phone:
NOTE: Make sure that the files you select are not .wav format,
While the IPhone will play these files, they are far too large to transfer 
to the phone since they will rapidly use up available space on the phone.
.mp3 would be a better choice,.

1. Select individual songs or or an album folder, and copy it to the 
2. Press enter on your user folder name shortcut on the Desktop.
3. Once in your user folder, locate your Music folder and press enter.
4. From within your Music folder, press the letter I to move to the iTunes 
folder, then press enter to open it.
5. Press the letter I again to locate the iTunes Media folder, then press 
enter to open it.
6. The first folder in this list is:
Automatically Add to iTunes,
 so press the spacebar to select the folder, then press enter to open it.
7. Paste your selections from the clipboard here.
Note: If pasting individual files, I would  make sure that none of the file 
names are the same or have like track numbers in the file name.
8. Once you have pasted your files here you can close the folder with Alt 
9. Now, from the Desktop press enter on the iTunes shortcut, to open the 
iTunes program.
10. Once iTunes has loaded, plug your phone into your computer, and syncing 
should begin.
When syncing has finished, you should hear a tone.
Now check your Music app on your phone to make sure the songs are there.

The process for moving ring tones to your phone are the same as above,
making sure that the files you are using for ring tones are of the correct 
format,(.m4r)  and no longer than 30 seconds in length.
No matter what format your original file is, you will need to convert it to 
M4A first.
To convert files to the proper format, do the following:
1. Open Pazera Free Audio Extractor Portable, and press enter on 
2. Next, once the program has opened, press the Alt key, and right arrow to 
the File List menu, then arrow to "Add files to list", and press enter.
3. This will place you in a standard "Open", dialogue where you can browse 
for your files.
4. Once you have found your file, or files, then tab to the "OPEN" button 
and spacebar it.
5.  Now, you will be in a dialogue for choosing your output format, and your 
file or files should be selected, so tab once to choose the format.
6. Arrow to m4a, then  presss the Alt key to open the menus, and select 
"convert checked files", from the file menu, and press enter.
The conversion process will start, and Jaws should announce the progress.
7.  When conversion has completed, you can close the program with Alt F4.
8. Go to the folder where your original file is located and you should find 
your converted file or files.
9. Once you have located your files, you will need to change the file 
extension, by doing the following:
A. With the file name highlighted, press the F2 key to rename the file.
B. Now, move to the end of the file name, and delete the "A", from the end 
of the file extension, and replace it with the letter "R" and press enter to 
close the dialogue.
Do this for each file you want to use.
10. Finally, use the steps above for moving music to your phone to move your 
ring tones.

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[] Using latest Jaws2018, iTunes on both my PC's-> a Win7 and a Win10.  I'm 
a rookie with transferring files from my PC to iPhone and all I would like 
to do is transfer mp3 files from PC to iPhone.
[] Would someone pl tell me how to do so given that my mp3 files are on my 
PC's hard drive, I've  latest iTunes and my iPhone is connected by the cable 
to USB port of my PC?
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