Sounds like either a driver issue or that something is slowing down the
computer to the point where digital playback is being interfered with. The
latter does happen on my new-ish machine running Windows 10 from time to
time. It's usually something like a faulty script running in the web browser
causing a massive system slowdown. You should try and see if this happens at
all without any programme windows open. Definitely have any IT people in the
family have a look. There might be some invasive background processes
running that need to be killed. 

Are your sound drivers up to date? You should be able to check this in
"control panel", "manage sound devices". Look for the properties button,
probably under the "general" tab.

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Hi, funny you mention this. The same thing has been happening for me on my
brand new Acer laptop. I'm running windows 10 and jaws 2018, as far as I
know everything is up to date. I was going to ask my IT brother to have a
look at it when he has a free minute but since you have mentioned it here I
will be interested to see if anyone has any suggestions. My older laptop is
also an Acer running windows 10 but I have only put jaws 18 on it. The older
machine has no issues with sounds.

Hope we can get some answers.
>From Shaz.

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Hi guys i have noticed on 1 of my laptops the sound goes silly some times.
Its not a screen reader issue.
But all the sounds go very gargly and lots of reverb.
After a reboot all is good.
But its driving me crazy it just happens at any time.
Running latest win 10.
I have not had this happen on any other machine.
I was thinking it might be a sound driver problem.
ut i have checked that its the up to date driver.
AAny ideas thanks.Michael.
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