Hi all.
I'm a former Window-eyes user who's made a pretty painless transition to Jaws. However, I'm using Sound Forge with different VST and DX plugins such as Waves, Izotope and TC Works. But it seems that Sound Forge imposes its own interface on these plugins, making their parameters inaccessible using any of the Jaws cursors. Most of these plugins work well in Audacity, though. I've tried the existing Jaws scripts for Audacity, but they mysteriously disable the left and right brackets as selection keys. Even the pass-through command doesn't release those keys. In short, are any of you using a similar configuration of Sound Forge 11 and some VST plugins? If so, can you actually edit the plugins or must you rely on their presets? In my case, because of Sound Forge's interface, the Waves presets do not appear unless a sightling loads them from the Waves toolbar.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Orlando Enrique Fiol
Ph.D. Candidate in Music Theory
University of Pennsylvania
Professional Pianist/Keyboardist, Percussionist, Arranger, Performer and Pedagogue

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