There should be no issues, unless you have customized the default script file 
in JAWS 2018 or changed the symbols file for Eloquence and you want to copy 
these customizations from JAWS 2018 to 16. This is because the default script 
file is not compatible between versions if you have directly modified it, and 
regarding punctuation/symbols spoken by Eloquence JAWS 17 started to use 
hexadecimal language codes instead of internal Eloquence language names (e.g. 
0x409 instead of American English), so punctuation customizations won't be 
detected by JAWS 16 if you don't replace language codes by internal names 
manually using Notepad or any other text editor.
The other customizations can usually be copied to a previous version with no 

Hope it helps!

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If I can download Jaws version 16 and save it to my download folder, I plan in 
uninstalling Jaws version 2018 and installing 16. Are there any flaws in this 
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