The t key displays this information on the screen, however, JAWS will not
announce it. I suppose if one knew where the text was onscreen, you could
probably use the touch cursor to find it. I have tried with the JAWS cursor
before though with no luck. The thing is that the text is displayed quickly
and then disappears, so searching around for it is not really an option. It
would be something possible with scripting, I would think, but to my
knowledge there are no JAWS scripts for VLC at this time. I'm in the process
of learning about this and maybe one day I could create something, but for
now, it's still out of my league.

I believe there is an extension for VLC you can get that forces this data to
remain on the screen permanently. This might help for this purpose. I will
look into it. Alternatively, there might be a sneaky way to find out this
information, like winamp's ctrl-j command, which is meant for jumping to a
specific time, but when invoked, shows the current elapsed time as the jump
value if you don't  type anything. I'm not quite sure.

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Is there a keystroke or menu option in VLC to tell a person just how much
time has passed in the playing of a media file? I know how to jump forward
and back already, I would just like to know if there is a way to find this
information out.

I have some videos that are several hours long and I can't always watch them
in a single sitting. 

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