A friend needed to update her credit card information.  She went to the
Amazon website, to: 

Your Account

And there she was stopped because the link she needed was not on the page,
or not that JAWS could find.

The next step would have been to go to the link

Account Options

But that link was nowhere to be found on the page.

She called the Amazon disability number and spoke with someone.  She finally
got the credit card information updated with their help, but as they saw,
she, using a screen reader, did not have access to that vital link.  Perhaps
we, as screen reader users, are taken to another site, one supposedly more
accessible? when the screen reader is detected, because the woman assured
her that the

Account Options

Link was there for her, as a sighted user.

The woman filled out a form for their accessibility team, but if we are
currently unable to access information that was available to us before, as
it certainly was, then this is an issue that needs to be addressed by
Freedom Scientific working with Amazon.  

I'm posting this here to see if others too will be unable to get to the 

Account Options

Link from the

Your Account 


If not, perhaps you too could call the problem to Amazon's attention.

My friend and I are both using Windows 10, version 1709, with JAWS 2018 with
the current March update.

She's using Internet Explorer.  I'm using the latest version of Chrome.



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