Unfortunately, the newer Office suites have gone to the ribbon type menu, so it will be different than Office 2007. I think Outlook did not use ribbons in 2010 yet, but since your Office 2007 is expiring, I'd guess 2010 is going to be getting long in the tooth.

You can still use Office 2007, but I think those notifications mean that you won't get any security rollouts for Office 2007 any more. In just about every monthly Windows update that comes out on the second Tuesday of the month, there are usually updates for various Office programs. I have Office 2010 Pro and routinely receive updates for the program, Word 2010, Excel and Outlook quite often; almost every month.

So, you can use 2007, I suspect, but you just won't get any security patches. So, it is use-at-your-own-risk. Personally, I don't think the risk is as great as it is with using a web browser or an out-of-date Windows system, but I don't want to overly minimalize the risks.

In other words, if you choose to use Office 2007, just beware that there will be some inherent vulnerabilities the longer you go past the end-of-support period.

Lansing, MI

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Well, it is here. I am getting notices from Microsoft that my MS Office 2007
is no longer supported. I have basic needs and do not want to have to
relearn everything again if I don't have to. I can upgrade through my school
to something less than 365.  I could use some advice as to which MS Office
is most constant with the older version. I have used 2010 and it worked
reasonable well. I Have Windows 7 and JAWS 15 but I do have upgrades to
current versions that I have not used. Any thoughts would be appreciated. On
a related note I currently have my emails sent to my MS Outlook 2007. If I
upgrade will the folders that I have created automatically export to say
Outlook 2016?

Thanks for any help,


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