I’m using the beta of JAWS v18 under Windows 10 64 bit Home Edition.

I like to first say how much I’m enjoying using the new Echo Mouse feature of 
JAWS v18. Amazing how many buttons and actionable icons JAWS v17 and earlier 
wasn’t reading at all do to window restrictions.

One such application is the FireFox browser v48. It seems there are toolbar 
icons for several add-ons I have installed (Cookie Muncher, Ad Blocker 
Ultimate, etc.) located near the addressbar that I wasn’t aware of until now. I 
had to use the Echo Mouse function to slowly drag the mouse pointer around the 
area to the left of the addressbar to locate them. Once the mouse pointer 
hovered over one, a tooltip came up and JAWS spoke it with no problems.

The add-on options found in these toolbar icons cannot be accessed any other 
way it seems.

This method of navigating to these add-ons can be rather tedious and I’m hoping 
there is a more efficient way of accessing these toolbar icons? Does JAWS v18 
have a shortcut key combination to display these icons in a listview or 

If not, is there a way I can tell Echo Mouse to start the mouse pointer 
position at x/y coordinance on the screen, and simply use the left and right 
arrow keys to quickly jump to each toolbar icon? Maybe set it to “Word” so it 
treats each icon as a new word making it much easier to navigate to them?
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