I just got a new copy of JAWS 17 and got somewhat of a surprise, as the 20 character authorisation code, had No Number signs or spaces for Letters; so, I had to contact the local Veteran Blind Orientation Specialist, who issued that copy, to get that correct Authorisation code.

Once the Authorisation code was received; I had to Dymo label that code, on the JAWS 17 CD package, as what I had received from Freedom Scientific, was so poorly Braille labelled.

Now, the next predicament that was encountered.

I have a Gateway desktop CPU, with Windows7, with JAWS 14; and I inserted the JAWS 17 Program disc, yet I had forgot that a Comcast rep had changed the POP 3 setting to IMAP, without changing the advanced numeric settings; consequently, I can't access the Internet, to get Authorisation for the JAWS 17 program.

Question 1; at the start menu; how do I gain access to where the POP 3 / IMAP Email/Internet setting are located on the Gateway CPU; so I can put the POP 3 setting back; so I can upload the new JAWS 17 version.

Question 2; Should I consider using the IMAP setting; and if so; what are the correct numeric settings?

The reason I had a Comcast rep come out; was that Emails I was receiving from Comcast, concerning their X-infinity new Talking TV Remote; and when I would download emails from them; to a Humanware Apex, I was receiving unreadable/unaudible Emails, as if it was in nothing but, characters and foreign lingo garbage.

Topic 2.

I am trying to locate a audio text format copy of David Pogue's book, titled; Windows10 The Missing Manual. I got the NLS / Talking Books Library's, audio book; yet I am after a E-text format copy of this book. I won't try listening to the audio book, and transcribing into a Braille format; nor will I get a text copy of the book to scan it, to get the wanted CPU text version, for easy access.

Any and All assistance, would be Valuably Appreciated.


DJ Meyrick
100% Blind USN Vet
Portland, Oregon

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