Hi Scorpio,
When, I updated to the anniversary update,
I ran the FS tool, I did nothing and after it started to install just a couple 
I walked away from my laptop and let the anniversary install.
I did not touch a single key in 2 hours ,
 It also restarted. 

Read these notes below from Jim:

Upgrading manually to the anniversary Windows-10 update,  with Jaws 17.
Download the Microsoft media creation tool at:
Go to the top of the page with Control+home.
Press H, for heading, 3 times to, Looking to install W-10 on your PC.
Down arrow three times to, Download tool now link, press enter.
Press ALT+N, for the notification bar, tab to save, press enter.
Now you are ready to begin the update to the anniversary  update to windows 10.
Go to your download folder, highlight the media creation tool.
Press the applications key, go down to, run as administrator, press enter.
yes, for your users account warning.
Choose, update this computer now and press enter.
you are now in an ongoing and updating dialog which says:
Windows 10 is being downloaded, continue using your computer.
This could take anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your download 
When it is done downloading, it will go through several screens itself updating 
your computer and will get it ready for windows 10.
Next, there will be a screen asking you to except the license agreement, check 
the yes and press enter on next.
Again, the program will run through several screens by itself.
Next, press enter on install.
now you will have no speech, this install takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete.
Now when it is finished, Jaws will talk to you, either password edit, or pin 
Type in your password or pin.
You will be on your desktop in the anniversary update to W-10.
Now, I uninstalled and then freshly installed Jaws 17.
Keeping the shared components, keeping my personal settings.
This will give you the maximum performance in the w-10 anniversary update.
Redo your shortcut key, control+ALT+j.
Redo the setting to have jaws come on at the log-on screen.
All your other settings will be remembered by Jaws.
You are done, updating to the W-10 anniversary update!


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Hi Folks,

Running Windows 10 Pro, with Jaws 17, latest build.

I’m trying to upgrade to the newest anniversary edition of Windows 10, which, I 
guess would be called and update, but when I do, I get a dialog box asking me 
what to keep.

Jaws is telling I have three options, and it’s a checkbox and the three options 
are to keep personal data and apps, just keep settings, or keep nothing.

The checkbox seems to be stuck on Nothing, and it won’t let me change.

I thought this was Jaws specific, but when I tried with NVDA, I got the same 

Can anyone advise on how I should proceed.

I would hate to lose everything, especially my data.

Any help would be appreciated.

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