Thanks, Gene, for sharing the fruits of your labor. Perhaps David will list
these on the Jaws Users web site. 

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Hi everyone!

After some searching I answered my own question and found three editors that
can handle arbitrarily large, gigabytes, files. I'm posting this just in
case it helps anyone else.

I found three editors that can handle very large files, one is free, one is
free for personal use but requires a paid license for commercial use, and
the last one is a commercial product requiring a paid license beyond the 30
day trial.

The free one is called VIM and can be found at <>. I ended
up not testing this, so I can't say much about it.

Edit Pad Pro is the commercial product and is at
<>. Like VIM, this is a full featured programmer's
text editor. I also did not test this one, so will leave it at that.

The editor I chose is Edit Pad Lite at <>. It is
by the same company that makes Edit Pad Pro, but does not include all the
programmer specific features like syntax highlighting and auto completion.
It is free for personal, non commercial use. It's not lite on editing
features, just on programmer specific ones, and most important of all, it
works with JAWS.

I hope somebody finds this information helpful.


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