On Tuesday, April 1, 2003, at 04:39 AM, julien viet wrote:

I dont't want to reinvent a scripting language, but JSP are
not adapted to nukes at all. I think the nicest feature of
JSP is the possibility to embed true java code whithin text :

<% for (int i = 0;i < 5;i++) { %>
<TD><%= i %></TD>
<% } %>

I love scriptlets also, because they make the page code to easy read and understand. Even the most entry level html writer can write the basic java code, and it sure beats the following

   <c:forEach var="product" items="${products}">
              <td><c:out value="${product.name}"/></td>
              <td><c:out value="${product.price}"/></td>

See what I mean. Tags are just overhead when you can use scriptlets.


BTW, yes that was sarcasm.

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